Tannery in Solofra (Av)

DE.NA.SE Srl Tannery

The eco-sustainable tannery that believes in the future and in the new generations.

We invest in the future & enhance tradition

The Denase tannery was founded by Francesco De Leo and Antonio Napoli of Neapolitan tanning tradition, who later moved to the tanning district of Solofra (Av).

Today, the history of the Denase Tannery continues with his sons Angelo De Leo, born in 1980, and Carmine Napoli, born in 88. Two young men who, with their energy and passion, are renewing the company by focusing on ecological production and systemic management of Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics.

The company invests a lot on youth and future, without forgetting the tradition. The processes are assigned to Master Craftsmen who preserve and pass on their knowledge to the new generation.

We're really investing a lot in innovation and sustainability. We believe this is the right way to drive change and promote an ever higher level of excellence.
Angelo De Leo
Denase Srl CEO
6k mq²

Production area

4 lines


100k mq²

Production capacity


skilled workers

Innovation & Quality
Under the direction of Angelo De Leo and Carmine Napoli, Denase has begun to invest heavily in the binomial of innovation and quality. It is only through constant renewal that it is possible to offer the highest standards to our partners and drive healthy business growth.

We produce only quality handcrafted items made in Italy.


We never betray our values, which is why we are a reliable partner.

On time

We set sure delivery times and we always keep to them.