Conscious choice


We believe in sustainable growth that respects people and the environment.

Denase Tannery is ISO 14001 and LWG certified.

The effort towards an ecological production and a systemic management of Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics of the Denase Tannery is also proved by the adhesion to the ISO 14001 standard and the compliance with the LWG protocol, the tool developed by the Leather Working Group to evaluate the environmental performance of leather goods manufacturers all over the world.

Energy efficiency, water use, air and noise emissions, waste reduction, and respect for employees and the local community are among the factors taken into account in the certification award.

Our social responsibility

Environment, people and territory

The future of the planet also requires more efficient and sustainable management of the company and its resources.

Environmental goals

Denase has raised its environmental goals by implementing strategies that go beyond regulatory compliance.


The search for new techniques and materials to reduce the environmental impact protects the Solofran territory and the local population.

Local people

Each leather undergoes strict controls and is delivered to the customer only after passing all chemical and physical tests.

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Sustainability & Traceability

The sustainability of a tannery also requires the traceability of leather. By having documented and verified information about the plant or farm where the raw hides and skins come from, you can protect the welfare of the animal and the environment. The need for greater traceability of raw materials is motivated by ethical reasons that can no longer be ignored. That’s why we manage our leathers using the ERP software SUED Tannery that allows us to control the batch and return of each lot, monitor production processes and, finally, optimize them.