From pickel to finished


Handcrafted quality sheep and goat leather for footwear, leather goods and apparel.

Contract manufacturing and development of ad specific products

Denase is a contract Tannery specialized in the processing of hides for any use. We make the complete cycle processing, from pickle to finished, assigning the various operations to workers with decades of experience, with advanced tools and techniques.

The experience, the expertise and the location in the District of Solofra (Av) make our company the perfect partner also for the realization of ad hoc articles. We are, in fact, able to develop any item that can meet specific needs.

Our Approach

Research, creativity and technology

The development and production of new goods follows various steps to ensure high quality and performance at all times.

We investigate the raw hides and select the most suitable types of tanning and retanning to meet the customer's needs.


We carry out the entire process of working with the leather and work with external partners for more special finishing touches.


We submit our leathers to chemical-physical tests to verify the technical characteristics and guarantee high quality standards.

Production process

The quality of the finished product is guaranteed by the expertise and competence with which all operations are carried out in the various divisions of the tannery.
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Tanning & Retanning

Our wet department is provided with small and large sized drums that allow us to produce even small samples.

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For finishing processes we use three separate lines dedicated to white, light and dark leathers, according to need.

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In our dry department the drying operations are carried out, followed by the manual operations to which the leathers are subjected.

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Quality selection and control

At the end of the manufacturing process, each item undergoes quality control and the required chemical-physical tests. The hides are then separated and sorted by selection.

Certified Quality

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