Leather & Business Organization


All the excellence of the made in Italy in the craftsmanship of the skins

The Quality Management System

The Denase Tannery, in addition to making leathers of incomparable value, extends the concept of quality to business management.

The Quality Management System is based on the accurate control of all business processes aimed at enhancing performance, improving internal efficiency and achieving full customer satisfaction. In this perspective of virtuous management of the Tannery is placed the achievement of ISO 9001 certification.

Our concept of quality

Testing, business management and work ethics

Every piece of the company machine is built around the concept of quality in order to always offer an excellent service.

Quality Testing

Denase submits its articles to chemical-physical tests to verify their quality and performance.

Tracking & Management

The Tannery has started a process of digitalization and optimization of production and business procedures.


The Company complies with all laws on health and safety at the workplace.

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Quality Testing

Denase proposes as a reference in the sector of tanneries for contract, always offering products of the highest quality that reflect the expectations of customers. The Tannery is equipped with an internal laboratory that allows us to quickly perform numerous quality tests, both during the sample and production phases. This mode allows us to always monitor the quality level and performance of materials

The Company also collaborates with specialized laboratories for all tests that cannot be performed on site.

Company procedures

The Tannery uses an integrated management system of business processes designed to plan and implement strategies for sustainable growth. The objectives of management enhancement include increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction, workplace and product safety and, finally, reducing environmental impact.

Our real promise to implement strategies aimed at the continuous and constant improvement of the company organization is proven by the ISO 9001 certification.

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& Management

Denase has begun a process of computerizing all business processes.

The company adopts SUED TANNERY ERP software for the traceability of raw materials and chemical products, the management of batches and the control of the yield of each batch, as well as the optimization and monitoring of production processes.

Thanks to the electronic tags, the Tannery is also able to track the progress of processing and provide accurate delivery times.

Work Ethics

Honesty, fairness and transparency are the fundamental ethical principles of Denase’s business.

The Company complies with the laws on the protection of health and safety in the workplace and enhances the value of human resources, ensuring a safe and stimulating work environment, where you can find human and professional fulfilment.

We love to work as a team with our collaborators, suppliers and subcontractors because we are sure that only with the mutual respect and the collaboration of everyone it is possible to create the necessary conditions to reach ambitious goals.